I’ve been asked to put together a little testimonial of how beneficial I find Pilates, in relation to my sport of triathlon and specifically how Pilates enables me to keep competing.

After many years of hammering triathlon training with little to zero maintenance, I ended up in 2010 having a spinal fusion in my lower back. This included a titanium disc, cage and 4 screws into the spine. I was told never to run again, bike only at leisure and swim predominantly on my back. My passion is my sport so this was pretty tough to take. Along with the back injury I also had a tear in my hip flexor, ongoing patella femoral issues with my knees, and compartment syndrome in my right calf. After a year Id started trying to bike again with moderate success, although id often break down due to one injury or another. Calf and hip surgeries followed across the next several years with swim, bike and run time pretty much non-existent.

Then I was told about the benefits of Pilates, and how it could get me back riding my bike ‘properly’ again. I gave Club Stretch a go and after a couple of sessions I could already feel improvements. I began riding more frequently, faster and was able to go back to group rides after years of being in sporting limbo. Ive been seeing Holly for some time now and the benefits Ive found from Mat and Reformer classes have been staggering. My Pilates classes are such an integral addition to my training now that I’m feel stronger, fitter and faster than ever before. It’s the understanding of how the body works that Pilates also gives me, knowing ‘why’ trans abdominal strength benefits my cycling keeps me super motivated. I now feel if my core is super strong, I can ride through anything.

To give you some tangible insights, last month I biked in the top 4% of all athletes at Ironman Dubai 70.3, setting a PB by 15 minutes.

Nowadays I focus mainly on cycling, and this year I have 4 big road races on the run up to the World Championships at the end of August in France. THERES ABSOLUTELY NOWAY I’D BE RIDING AT THIS LEVEL AGAIN WITHOUT PILATES! Holly is also pretty sensational as a coach and is certainly key to my sporting resurgence. She’s an absolute superstar…

Thanks again, see you at Mat on Tuesday!