Below you will find answers to many of the questions we commonly hear about Pilates.
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Who Can Practice Pilates?

Pilates can be practiced by anyone, from beginners to elite athletes. Adaptations can be made to accommodate and/or challenge all levels of fitness and movement experience, and exercises can be modified and customized for individual needs.

Pilates exercises are designed to create a powerful body that moves efficiently, gracefully and without excess tension. Pilates will enhance your performance in any activity or sport and will allow you to maintain optimal fitness well into old age. Pilates is for everyone!

How is Pilates Different?

Pilates focuses on creating Uniform Development of the body through controlled movement and breath. The exercises are performed on a mat and/or spring driven apparatus. In all cases, each movement is flowing, centered and performed with control.

Pilates exercises are all considered full bodied and are designed to correct imbalances and create healthier movement patterns that enhance any and all physical activity.

What Can Pilates Do for Me?

  • Improve posture and core strength
  • Strengthen and tone muscles without added bulk
  • Increase flexibility and muscle control
  • Improve alignment, coordination, and balance
  • Increase lung capacity and circulation
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve body awareness
  • Develop a more balanced body which helps prevent muscle and joint injury
  • Improve bone density and joint health
  • Enhance mental awareness and mind/body connection

Will I Lose Weight Through Pilates?

Pilates is not typically a cardio workout at the beginner level however, as you begin to progress to the intermediate and advanced work where you are moving continuously with controlled breathing is definitely can be considered a cardio workout and can help with weight loss. Pilates will tone and strengthen and lengthen muscles creating a leaner more streamlined body. As your core gets stronger and you become more toned, you will notice the difference in your body. Pilates combined with sensible, nutritious and healthy eating can definitely help you achieve your body’s best potential.

I Have an Injury. Is Pilates a Good Idea for Me?

Pilates is often recommended by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other medical practitioners to assist patients in returning to full activity after injury or surgery. It has been proven to be very effective for alleviating chronic back pain, assisting the healing process after injuries and preventing future re-injury.

It is important to note that not all Pilates instructors are trained to work with clients in this capacity, however all of the Club Stretch Instructors are comprehensively trained through a rigorous 950 hour training program created and accredited by The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and are skilled in working with all populations.

Pilates is excellent for someone who has completed physical therapy and has been cleared by their physician to go on with more movement conditioning. It is a system of body conditioning that is both gentle and athletic, known for its rehabilitative and transformative results.

What Should I Look for in a Qualified Pilates Instructor?

Today’s competitive fitness market has produced a dangerous flurry of companies seeking to capitalize on Pilates’ popularity by mass-producing instructors. This is an ironic twist of fate considering the Pilates credo of ‘Quality over Quantity’. This dilution of the exclusive standards once upheld within the trade has caused confusion and uncertainty for those searching the marketplace for an authentic program, with true results.

Ideally your Pilates instructor should be certified through a recognized, comprehensive Pilates teacher training program comprised of lecture, observation, practice, and hands-on apprenticing, plus written and practical examinations.

It is important to note that all of the Club Stretch Pilates Instructors are comprehensively trained through a rigorous 950 hour training program created and accredited by The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and are skilled in working with all populations. In addition, our Program Director is a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center and returns to Boulder each year for continuing education and to maintain the high standards of instruction and education that sets us apart.

How Many Private Classes Do I Need?

We recommend starting with our Classic Introductory package of 2 privates sessions before starting with group classes. A couple of private sessions will allow us to take you through the fundamental movements and make sure you are feeling them and performing them correctly. We can also help you to understand how to modify exercises that you may struggle with so you can start your group classes with a strong foundation. We also recommend that you continue with occasional privates to enhance your progress in your group classes.

How Long is a Private Session or Group Class?

All sessions are 60 minutes long unless otherwise noted on the schedule. (we have a few group classes that are 90 minutes long)

How Do I Get Started?

We recommend starting with our initial consultation/lesson where we will provide you with information about the Pilates method and give you a chance to discuss your fitness goals and any concerns or issues you might be having in your body. In this first session we will also take you through some of the fundamental Pilates movement skills and beginner exercises on the mat, reformer and other equipment. We will also discuss the options available for your Pilates training that will best help you achieve your goals. Please call us at +971 4 431 1758, or email us at info@clubstretch.ae to set up this visit.

What Should I Wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable, breathable clothing that will allow you to move freely and stretch, and allow your instructor to see how you are moving. Be sure that pants or shorts are well-fitting and not too loose so they don’t get caught in the apparatus. No shoes are required and socks are optional. We want to see your feet and give them a much needed workout! If you have long hair it is recommended to keep it tied up and out of the way so it doesn’t get caught in the equipment or get in the way.

My Gym Offers Pilates… Why Should I Pay to Come to Your Pilates Studio?

We specialize in teaching Classical Pilates and all of our Pilates instructors have completed a rigorous 950 hour advanced teacher training program. Our studio is fully equipped with all of the Pilates equipment necessary to experience the complete system of exercises whereas the Pilates classes at many gyms may only involve mat work. Our classes are closely supervised by our excellent instructors and are limited to a maximum of 8-10 students per class. We offer group classes on the Mat, Reformer, Chairs, and Tower system. We also offer one-to-one private sessions which can greatly enhance your progress in your group classes.

You will experience a noticeable difference in the knowledge and experience of our instructors and you will also feel the difference in your body! Pilates requires deep, controlled movement from the core and in order to be effective and safe it requires experienced, well-trained instructors with the knowledge and understanding of the entire Pilates system.

Is there a cancellation policy?

For all Pilates sessions, we respectfully require that you provide a notice by no later than 5pm the day before. This requirement allows enough time to fill the spot with another client. Thank you for your courtesy, and for allowing us to serve all our clients! All cancellations after this deadline will be charged in full. All sessions must be paid for in advance and you must have credit on your account to make future bookings.

What is the Pilates Studio Etiquette?

  • Arrive Early – Usually, arriving a good fifteen minutes before class starts is appropriate.
  • Turn off Your Electronics – Phones, wrist watches, iPads should be turned off or put on silent.
  • Please store all of your personal belongings in a locker in the changing rooms or in one of the small cubicles at the entrance to our studio.
  • We have small face towels inside the studio.  There is no need to bring a towel.
  • It is important that you listen carefully to your instructor for the whole
  • hour as instructions are given verbally with occasional hands on support.
  • Please inform your instructor of any recent injuries or limitations that you may have before the class starts.
  • Cleaning cloths and spray bottles are provided in the studio and you will be expected to wipe down your equipment after the class so it is ready for the next user.


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