It is an honor and ‎ pleasure to let The Club Stretch know about my transition period.

Late July 2016, I weighed 91 KG and felt miserable about myself and the entire Universe.

I decided to do a Scandinavian tour by myself.

For three weeks, I toured Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

I did endless Bikram sessions in Stockholm and Oslo but the weather outside was too beautiful in Copenhagen to go inside a Bikram Studio; so instead, I biked the entire City of Copenhagen for 4 days

I went to Iran (I am originally Persian) in middle of August where I did countless hours of mountain climbing.

Back to Dubai right after my birthday (21 October) where I got into the hot room hours after I had landed.

I have been following a strict diet, minimum one Bikram session a day, zero alcohol and tobacco policy, and some 10Ks of swimming during the week since the first day of November 2016.

I went on a hot yoga retreat in the first week of December in Thailand, where I did 2 sessions of Bikram yoga a day and that really kicked out whatever negative energy residues left in my system.

Nowadays I weigh between 75 – 78 KG depending on the amount of my Chocolate and Cheese Cake consumption!

Thank you ALL at The Club Stretch and… on a personal note : “Sometimes a break up is the best thing that happens in your life!”