Our Story

Nurturing Minds, Bodies & Spirits

The Club Stretch story started in 2001 when our Program Director Brian Ward came to Dubai as a fresh graduate from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. The mind-body fitness landscape in Dubai at that time was extremely limited and as the only comprehensively trained Pilates instructor in town Brian quickly found himself very busy. After teaching Pilates full time in Dubai for a year he returned to the US for the summer break. It was during that summer while visiting a good friend in New York that he took several Bikram Yoga classes.

As a Pilates Instructor and movement educator he found it challenging but also exhilarating. It was obviously a well-organized yoga sequence and seemed to be a nice complement to the practice of Classical Pilates. This thought sparked an idea… After some discussions with a couple of good friends (now business partners) he returned to Dubai to collaborate on a new fitness studio concept combining a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio and a properly designed and heated Bikram Yoga studio.

Pioneers of Mind-Body Exercise in Dubai

From the day we opened our doors in 2003 Club Stretch has been dedicated to specializing in Classical Pilates and Bikram Yoga. At Club Stretch you can be assured that our instructors are comprehensively trained in their respective teaching disciplines. Fitness trends come and go but we believe that Classical Pilates and Bikram Yoga taught by competent well trained instructors will continue to have staying power in the ever-changing fitness landscape.

Real Physical Transformation Starts on the Inside

We believe that real and lasting physical change involves strengthening the deeper muscles of the body, creating correct alignment and functioning of the joints through a balanced, intelligent approach to movement. Classical Pilates and Yoga meet this criteria. Consistent practice will create a body that moves more freely and efficiently without pain or limitation, capable of all the possibilities inherent in its design. What more could you ask for?


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